Sustainability Leaders Dialog
Sustainability Leaders Dialog
Sabrina Watkins

Welcome to Sustainability Leaders Dialog

Sharing Insights and Challenges to Accelerate Action

About Me

I work with leaders to accelerate action on profitable sustainability. I consult with companies and serve on the boards of Future 500, Presidio Graduate School and Balsam Mountain Trust. And I am passionate about the value of gathering sustainability leaders for dialog about our challenges and insights. 

I retired from ConocoPhillips in 2017 after nearly a decade as global head of sustainability, with responsibility for corporate policies, implementation strategies, results, and reporting. During my tenure, and with board, executive, and investor engagement, the company reduced over 7 million annual tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, saved over $100 million and reduced shareholder concerns.

My career in the energy industry began in engineering for deepwater operations in the Gulf of Mexico. During my 37 years in corporate life, I held engineering to senior management roles in regional assets, production, drilling, strategic planning and technology. In 2012, I was named to the Industrial Safety and Health News “Power 101” list of influential leaders in sustainability. (woo hoo!)

My recent public speaking has addressed sustainability performance, carbon asset risk, socially responsible investor (SRI) engagement, fossil fuel divestment, and reporting transparency.

I earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Lehigh University (1981) and an MBA in Sustainable Business from Bainbridge Graduate Institute, now Presidio Graduate School (2007).

Why You Should Join Me

Sometimes, the sustainability leader at an organization is the lone champion.  Sometimes, we have support at all levels of the company.  In this group, you'll be engaged with other leaders whose challenges sound familiar and who are willing to share their insights.  Together, we can change our companies, industries and maybe even the world a little faster.  This is a no-guilt group.  Sustainability leaders are passionate, hard working, and often over-stretched.  In this space, you'll be free from "sales", free from "judgement" and free to enjoy celebrating success with people who actually understand how hard it is to "move the ball" forward on sustainability. 

A Big Thanks

I am deeply grateful for my 37 years in corporate America, to have had the best job in the world, to have had a chance to travel to our 17 countries of operations, and to have worked for and with amazing leaders at all levels.  Now, I'm grateful for the time to connect, give back and support leaders in a diverse set of companies and industries. And, to hike with my puppy and spend more time with family. The world is not done with me yet - there's still so much to do, and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to continue to work in sustainability.